Snap together a video conference instantly or launch
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See how OnSync can provide a truly all-in-one web conferencing solution for all your organisation-wide online communication needs.
Why choose Digital Samba OnSync web conferencing software?
Why choose Digital Samba

OnSync web conferencing

High quality image and sound in video conferencing
Dial in via phone from anywhere
Unparalleled compatibility and file-type support
Deploy OnSite or from our cloud
API for customization that includes unique branding support
Advanced features like screen layouts & whiteboarding to present your ideas
Browser based, super-easy connectivity for your audience

Collaborate more efficiently than before with interactive features and file support

Collaboration today happens in many ways. Email, voice, file transfers, and ideas all get shared between key individuals. OnSync brings all of these mediums into one package that's simple enough to organize spontaneously.

With OnSync's synchronized file-sharing system you can finally make sure everyone is on the same page at the same time — literally.

OnSync supports more file types than any other web conferencing solution. Share Microsoft Office® documents, video files and even multimedia files such as Adobe Flash®.

Intuitively and securely collaborate on live documents via remote control.

However your organization collaborates, OnSync makes it easy.

Instantly host a meeting that's compatible with any device with no software downloads

OnSync is simple and intuitive to use. You do not have to be a programmer to use OnSync like a pro.

With universal access and a seamless user-experience across any device, OnSync is fluent in the way ideas and concepts are shared.

Connecting to an OnSync online meeting is always as simple as clicking a link. No need to worry about compatibility, downloads, or installations.

All of OnSync's rich features are available in-browser, from any browser. On-the-go mobile is every bit as seamlessly beautiful and awesomely powerful as a desktop command center.

Perfectly pitch your ideas and engage your audience with interactive features that only OnSync has

Have you ever felt frustrated that you couldn't put your idea into words? Draw them out on OnSync with the whiteboard or show them on a video-conference!

Enjoy a flexible user interface and navigate smoothly between video conference, file sharing and brainstorming.

Digital Samba has actually crafted and included over 100 unique features to share ideas with, and we're constantly refining our user experience.

Get a snap shot of what your audience feels with our quick Q&A sessions, or our user polls.

Allow team members to dial in from any phone — no matter where they are

It can be challenging to organize a meeting these days because companies often have team members scattered across continents and on the move.

With OnSync you don't have to worry about where your team members are.

Even if they don't have internet access at the time of your online meeting, they can still participate by just dialing in with their phone from anywhere in the world.

How to choose a web conferencing solution

Invite anyone, anywhere

Anyone you want to include in your meeting can join you with your email invitation or unique URL.

Or keep your meetings private and safe with our security features. You still won't be confined at all with who you can invite to your private meeting.

Scheduling is made easy through automatic email notifications and attached calendar invitations that can be added to outlook, google or any other calendar application.

Privacy guaranteed — your data will always be safe

We take your privacy very seriously at Digital Samba. We're constantly keeping our security systems state-of-the-art to protect your data.

During transmission of your audio and video data, OnSync uses the RTMP protocol by Adobe which automatically reduces security threats and makes absolutely sure that your data will be safe.

Additionally, streams can be encrypted via SSL to a very high security level of 128kbit.

In addition to protecting your video and audio, all other file types you move in and out of OnSync are protected by SSL encryption at all times. This provides the highest level of standard industry protection for your confidential data.

Multi-way video conferencing in high definition

With OnSync you are able to enjoy the best video conferencing experience in the industry. On any video device.

Show your colleagues what you're working with in high quality so they can clearly see what you're doing with OnSync's industry-leading video conferencing experience.

OnSync has specialized proprietary techniques that transfer crystal clear HD video and audio to all its users with the utmost compatibility.

You can connect to an OnSync video conference with nearly any device such as a smart phone, a webcam, or a professional video camera if you need features like zoom, pan, or tilt.

Full mobile integration

OnSync's graphical interface is designed with mobile use first in mind. Our mobile app allows you to run full web conferences anywhere, any time, from your phone.

Your team members can fully collaborate with each other using full duplex audio and multipoint video conferencing — and all this on their mobile devices.

On iOS and Android, you will be able to quickly access the core features and configurations of the desktop version in a sleek and seamless mobile experience.

Our phones are more accessible to us in a moment's notice than our desktops, and collaboration in the modern time demands spontaneity. To reflect this reality, OnSync is designed with mobile use as a top priority.

Digital Samba
is easy to use and provides more handy features
than any other online meeting solution out there
Industry leading file type support
Unique collaboration features
No downloads
Cloud hosting
Integrated VoIP audio
Call in via phone
Mobile apps
Advanced whiteboard
100% brandable
Full-featured downloadable recordings
Flexible licensing
Advanced API solutions
Industry leading file type support
Unique collaboration features
No downloads
Cloud hosting
Integrated VoIP audio
Mobile apps
Call in via phone
Advanced whiteboard
Full-featured downloadable recordings
100% brandable
Flexible licensing
Advanced API solutions
"Online meetings are becoming more and more pivotal on how firms and institutions organize.
That's why we at Digital Samba have made a truly revolutionary tool for making online communication feel more natural and intuitive and be more productive. That tool is OnSync, and it's the only one of its kind anywhere on the market today. What really sets OnSync apart is its attention to hidden but crucially important details in human communication that other platforms completely miss.
We're proud of OnSync and we promise you that once you try OnSync you'll immediately see what all the rave has been about.."
Robert Strobl, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing
"We use OnSync specifically because we're a fast-growing company that relies heavily on brand value to stay alive — both external and internal — and every other meeting software slaps their own brand in your face whenever you have to attend a digital meeting, or even service a client. Yeah… that wasn't something we could tolerate. OnSync is sensitive to our needs as a growing company."
Peter D., Romania
"We originally started using OnSync for these little meetings simply because we felt that our organization deserved more than having our meetings with simple browser sites. What we quickly found out was how much of a game-changer OnSync turns out to be. We use it for everything now. Q&A sessions, brainstorming sessions, product launches… A lot of our people actually prefer it to meeting in a board room."
Susi F., Estonia
"We run a pretty large debate organization where we use and rely on every one of OnSync's features at some point in time. The break-out rooms in particular really help facilitate the discussions. OnSync is probably the only platform in existence that's designed to flow and be used in the way people naturally communicate today.”
Marc B., Portugal
“Oh man. OnSync's UI is pretty slick, but they manage to pack every feature you can think of in there and on every device. It's like as soon as you think of something crazy you want it to do it's right there. We've been using it since the early days of smart-phones and hand-held devices to communicate across continents.”
Jacob H., Israel
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choose OnSync by Digital Samba over On24, GoToWebinar, Webex or Adobe Connect.
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