OnSync features

Brought to you by a team with over 12 years experience, OnSync's feature set is exactly what youand your customers need for highly professional webinars, online meetings and trainings.

Key features

High quality HD video
Cloud or server hosting
Integrated high quality VoIP
Fully functional mobile apps
Brilliant audio quality
Full white label available
Industry leading file type support
Advanced whiteboard
Break out rooms
Q&A, poll feature
Online and MP4 recording
Compatible to all major operating systems
No downloads needed
Advanced API solutions

Live video & audio streaming

  • Multi-way video conferencing
  • Full screen video
  • Active speaker notification
  • Start and stop other broadcasts individually
  • Different sizes of video for different users
  • Drag & drop reordering
  • Test your audio locally
  • Adjust individual user volume
  • Avatar image from user profile
  • Mute incoming audio when pushing PTT
  • HD and custom video settings for professional webcasters
  • On-the-fly quality controls
  • Dial in/out via PSTN / SIP
  • Integrate with your audio bridge

Messaging & chat

  • Private chat messaging
  • Tabbed chat
  • Moderator chat
  • Chat colors
  • Choose text size
  • Emoticons
  • Show local times in status messages
  • Question & answer module with moderation
  • Group chat
  • Save chat

Whiteboard & markup

  • Multi-user support
  • Scales and changes page with content
  • Toolset & functions: shared pointer, select tool, highlight pen, pencil, free draw, magic pen, line, arrow tool, rectangle, ellipse, triangle, polygon, star, text, delete, erase page
  • Insert images into whiteboard
  • Overlay whiteboard on files
  • Object manipulation via drag handles: rotate, resize
  • Support for layers
  • Object parameters (where applicable): line color, fill color, transparency, line weight, shape specific parameters
  • Extensible architecture to allow future addition of new tools (e.g. mathematical symbols, scientific notation)
  • Save whiteboard snapshot
  • Tracking of user interactions

Content viewer, file types, document converter

  • View multiple documents at the same time
  • Tabbed interface
  • Support for document types: pptx, docx, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, video, audio, swf
  • Sync of content with mark-up
  • Share converters across account centers
  • Industry unequalled multimedia file type support
  • Integrated Media Library™
  • Page and scroll views
  • Cancel conversion already in progress
  • Feedback on duration of conversion and queue
  • Drag and drop file opening
  • Select multiple files and perform single action (delete, convert, open)
  • Zoom and rotate
  • Vimeo support
  • Flickr support
  • External URL sources

Server administration

  • Full access to all users
  • Search
  • Data sorting and filtering
  • Advanced usage statistics
  • User tracking
  • Auditing
  • Broadcast notifications to user account centers and into rooms
  • Resource usage dashboard
  • Impersonate user feature for support and control

Affiliate/division management, provisioning and API

  • Agent hierarchy management system
  • Company accounts
  • Advanced usage statistics
  • Full provisioning via API
  • Full session and recordings control via API

Screensharing & remote control

  • Highly efficient codec
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X
  • Share entire screen
  • Choose individual windows and applications to share
  • Remote control other user’s applications
  • Select which screen to share
  • Follow mouse when viewing non-scaled screenshare on smaller screen
  • Switch between scaled and 100% view

User interface & system architecture

  • Beautiful, flat UI
  • Fully adapts to your brand
  • Localization (multilingual interface)
  • Place your logo
  • Change background images
  • Customize email invitations
  • Customize event registration screens and forms
  • Fully adapt colors to your Corporate Design
  • Cutting-edge security through encrypted protocol
  • Short links to sessions, customizable URLs
  • Data caching for fast loading times
  • Tooltips
  • Audio alerts
  • Pointers for each/all users

Account center

  • Dashboard, schedule, recordings, message center, address book
  • Real-time search
  • Modern interface (auto-complete, data sorting and filtering, multiple select, actions)
  • Improved quick schedule
  • Advanced event registration options and tracking features
  • Custom events form builder
  • Email invitations & templates
  • Automatically create user accounts for invitees
  • Reply-to address for email invitations
  • Auto DST updates
  • Branding management for users, affiliates/divisions and admins
  • Create permanent rooms that retain state as you leave/return
  • Single click meetings
  • Meeting planner and timezone management
  • Enter teleconference information
  • Public and private meeting frontend
  • LDAP integration for authentication, address book
  • Mass creation of user accounts via CSV import

Participant list & rights management

  • Multiple select users and modify rights
  • Avatars and profile pictures
  • Hand raising
  • User states
  • Memory of permissions on reconnect
  • Configure user roles and permissions via server config
  • Gender specific user icons
  • Promote and demote users
  • Granular permissions control

Recording & archiving

  • Record online or to MP4
  • Record everything, not just files and audio
  • Pause recordings during capture
  • Simple UI
  • Optional auto-play
  • Share from account center via link/embed
  • Search recordings
  • Share from recording
  • Edit recordings
  • Chapters, cue points
  • Protect online recordings with password
  • Retrieve recordings via API

Real-time polling module

  • Record polls
  • Pre-create polls
  • Export polls
  • Analyse poll results
  • Show or hide results
  • Create multiple questions in advance
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