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OnSync 4.4.3 r15185
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Released on 05 February 2016

Feature Highlights of the 4.4.3 release include various improvements to the MP4 recorder, integration of videos that are hosted on Vimeo and the ability for admins to export user lists via CSV. We have resolved several issues and have added many fixes to OnSync 4.4.3. All of these features, and many more, have been requested by you, our partners and customers. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

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New features
Admins can get CDR data for PhoneSync Telco Service (beta). Automatic provision of access codes for users when certain audio providers are selected. Added default value for the lobby text which can be reset by the user. Allowing to set default view to "Fit To Screen" via the API. Allow to add MP4 recorder feature to service plans. Allow admins to export user list via CSV. Allow uploaded files to be duplicated when session is being duplicated. Implemented displaying the session owner in stats. Improved the editing logic for company accounts, allowing better limiting. Added ability to disable the automatic invitation email that goes out to the account holder email when an event is created and edited. Added ability to define maintenance message in admin panel.
Resolved issue, where browser was slowing down because of many address book entries. Resolved Issue where "Enable lobby" option was not deactivated when "Hybrid Audio: VOIP and Phone" was enabled. Resolved issue where 'Add' button was not visible when adding new meeting participant. Resolved issue, where invitation emails were cut off after invitee's first name/last name variables. Resolved issue where background image with large dimensions wasn't uploaded correctly and empty page was opened. Resolved issue where audio settings were lost after changing service plan. Resolved issue where CSV files weren't saved to hard drive in Safari Browser. Resolved syncing issue when when the video file bundle is deployed on a web server. Resolved issue where wrong files were attached to customized invitation emails. Resolved issue where phone numbers with "+" sign were not exported correctly to CSV. Resolved issue where copy of folllow-up email to absentees wasn't sent to a session creator.


New features
Allow users to minimize MP4 recorder dialogue during recording. Improved indication of paused recording. Ability to hide media library for certain user roles. Implemented ability for moderators to manually restart the phone bridge connection mechanism. Vimeo integration as an addition to YouTube API which is not being actively developed anymore. VOIP can now talk to Phone users (internal beta).
Resolved issue where flash player could not be downloaded correctly. Fixed issue where MP4 file was corrupt in longer recordings. Resolved issue where inbox messages were opened when sorting sent/draft messages by week/months in IE. No longer display message "OnSync is ready to share your screen" when starting the MP4 recorder. Fixed issue, where options weren't displayed to promoted observers when clicking on the cogwheel menu of other user elements. Resolved issue where user didn't need registration to join a public session. Made whiteboard preferences available when in phone only & Hybrid Audio modes.


HF4135 - Resolved issue where swf did not load via http from NPAPI Flash player. HF4132 - Add ability to call bridge API to create MeetingRoom. HF4144 - Resolved MP4 playback issue on Windows 10.
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