Capture the focus and fascination of large
webinar audiences like never before

OnSync by Digital Samba is the world's only full featured webinar software revolutionarily built
to seamlessly integrate up to thousands of users.
What makes OnSync by Digital Samba the most innovative webinar software in the world?
What makes OnSync by

Digital Samba the most

innovative webinar

software in the world?
Seamlessly scalable capacity up to 1,500 users and beyond
Versatile integration by deploying OnSite or through our cloud
API and brand integration for a uniquely tailored experience
High clarity image and sound in multi-way video conferencing
Rich and intuitive feature sets like screen layouts, whiteboarding & polling to keep your audience engaged
Intelligent, fluently mobile-friendly software for easy and seamless use on any platform
Browser enabled for immediate usability

Connect globally and cost-effectively with a crisp, professional image in an instant

OnSync webinars are an impressive way to use technology to generate new leads and sell your product easier and more effectively than ever before.

Avoid wasting money on expensive business trips, conferences or physical seminar locations. Focus on communication, not transit.

Maintain your business contacts from afar in a professional, efficient manner with our easy-to-understand software.

Use our uniquely-designed platform to deliver a sleek and intuitive webinar experience to your audience under your own brand.

Spread your message to huge
(or small) audiences

Easily organize massive webinars and deliver your information to each potential customer with OnSync's richfeature-set to keep your whole audience engaged and listening.

Even if your webinar has thousands of participants at the same time, OnSync provides a seemless webinar experience that will impress your audience and drive results for your business.

OnSync by Digital Samba allows you to deliver your message effectively to even thousands of people in a way that will drive results for your business.

Instantly summon and support video conferences with your niche team-members in a way that makes you feel uninhibited in and intimately connected.

Get more attendees through automated and customized email reminders

Ensure that everyone you're trying to reach out to knows about your webinar with our customizable and ready-to-go automated email reminder system.

Manage the correspondences of your attendees with our unique reply-to address which we automatically provide to you.

Use our pre-built email templates to get your point across quickly and with ease.

Let people confirm that they intend to come to your webinar by registering to affirm that they're interested.

By recording your webinar, you can reach your audience after broadcasting

Sometimes a stroke of genius occurs spontaneously and you sincerely wish you had captured it.

We built a platform that we believe encourages those moments; so we've included one-click recording and dynamic file storage options.

With one simple click, you can begin a webinar or a collaborative meeting that you will be able to remember and share forever.

This is particularly good if someone missed out on your webinar and later would like to be filled in.

How to run a successful webinar

Clarity. Compatibility. Context.
No other platform delivers every aspect of the perfect webinar like Digital Samba's OnSync

Webinar hosts, webinar participants, and collaborators of every kind value OnSync for its unique ability to really capture what they truly need.

Hosts can easily and clearly be understood simultaneously across thousands of participants who are all using different devices.

Collaborators can share complex ideas easily and seamlessly across vast distances often better than they could have if they were physically together.

You can show others exactly what you're working on by sharing your computer screen.

Instantly collaborate on files like Microsoft Office® documents, video files and even multimedia files such as Adobe Flash®.

Collaborate with coworkers and launch webinars under your own unique brand

Your brand, and your image is important to us.

OnSync is built so that you can make this platform your own by completely putting your brand on it, removing all mentions of us.

This critical feature keeps other brands from getting in between you and the people you are trying to reach.

No more middle-men or third-party brands invading your space. Just simple, beautiful connection.

Don’t worry about the technical details — we’ll take care of it

We believe easy access is crucial for hosting a successful webinar. That is why OnSync has removed technical barriers.

Your participants don't have to worry about software downloads or installations. OnSync starts fast and easily from their web browsers, tablets or mobile phones.

If you want OnSync to be installed in your server environment, our talented and down-to-earth support team will guide you through the setup process.

If you prefer a cloud hosted solution — no problem, we will find a way to suit your needs.

Anyone, from anywhere with any device can listen to you with a single click

OnSync is the most accessible video conferencing platform available.

Our mobile-focused applications are fully enabled with a graphical user-interface that's designed to make participation simple, usable, universal, elegant, and clean.

Our dynamic cross-media platform allows users to connect even with a simple phone call if need be.

Digital Samba
is fine-tuned and robust, so you don’t have to worry
about technology when broadcasting
Massive capacity
100% brandable
No downloads
Cloud hosting
Integrated VoIP audio
Flexible licensing
Advanced API solutions
Mobile apps
Industry leading file type support
Advanced whiteboard
Full-featured downloadable recordings
Massive capacity
100% brandable
No downloads
Cloud hosting
Integrated VoIP audio
Mobile apps
Flexible licensing
Advanced API solutions
Industry leading file type support
Advanced whiteboard
Full-featured downloadable recordings
"We founded Digital Samba long before Webinars became the most successful sales and information tool, before the term 'Webinar' was even thought of."
From the beginning, at Digital Samba the focus has been on not only retaining and hiring the industry's most valuable video streaming and software engineers, but on having a really clear almost philosophical vision on what fosters good communication on the internet.
Over the years, OnSync has been the product of having the best people working towards the purest goal in the industry; to make communication over the internet feel natural, engaging, and dynamic."
Robert Strobl, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing
"I am not a technical person. But I do have to address hundreds of people a day, and I also train salespeople. OnSync is by far the best piece of software for helping me run my business. Not only can I use it to manage my team and pitch to clients, its handy record feature and cloud storage means that I can save hours' worth of repeating myself every day."
Craig S., USA
"I was first introduced to Digital Samba and OnSync when an associate of mine invited me to one of their webinars for a new book she was publishing. I felt so directly connected to her that it was almost a little eerie to realize that she was pitching the same info to nearly a thousand other people as well. It felt like a one-on-one."
Ivonne R., Brazil
"These guys know their stuff, and have cooked up something that's almost artistically good. The back-end runs smooth as silk and you can get it to do just about whatever you want when it comes to getting info from point A to point B, even if there's about two thousand point B's..."
Nathan G., Scotland
“The lesser-known pioneer of the webinar hosting industry. Certainly a gem that you have to know to look for to find. I've used it for webinars, but gradually it's growing on me to be able to share exactly what I need instantly; whether that's my desktop, my face, or the files I'm working on.”
Aaron B., Netherlands
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choose OnSync by Digital Samba over On24, GoToWebinar, Webex or Adobe Connect.
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